Winter time love

When the snow begins to fall I get an unbelieveable warm tingly feeling that reminds me why it’s my favorite season. The cold crisp air may turn my nose red, but fresh smells of winter are hard to resist.

The mountain town has it’s ups and downs, but when winter rolls around I’m in love. Seeing a smooth, sparkling blanket of snow out across a meadow is breathtaking. No matter how many times I try to take a picture I can never do it justice. It’s one of those sites that at one point in your life that you absolutely must see. I couldn’t imagine spending winter without seeing snow.













There is something almost refreshing when a storm rolls in. Excitement is built up for new snow that will cover the mountains and make all the winter time sports more enjoyable. Skiing and snowboarding aren’t the only winter activities that love new snow. Sledding, snowball fights, and ice skating need the cold weather.













Cold weather doesn’t bother me, I welcome it. I love bundling up in lots of blankets and drinking apple cider. The smell of a fireplace burning when I’m walking home warms me up. Watching the snow slowly cover up the ground is an amazing moment that I will take in any chance I get.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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