Advice on landing a job or five

I’ve been told, “jobs just fall into your lap.” While the outer appearance of my constant acquisition of jobs may seem like I do nothing, that is highly untrue.

I’m a mentor and tutor at Sierra Nevada College for my federal work-study hours. I’ve had both jobs since I started three years ago. I started with easy, on-campus jobs. I now have acquired a total of five jobs, each of which is different
from the others.

How does someone land a job? Is it the résumé? Is it the interview? Is it possible to walk into a store and leave with a job?

A résumé is a good way to make an introduction, it gives a possible employer an idea of who you are and what sort of jobs you’ve done before. However, that’s not always a selling point.

An interview is a good way to connect with the employer and share personality not seen on a résumé.

It is possible to walk into a store, make a connection and leave with a job. I’ve done it. I was gathering make-up
for Halloween costumes and the owner of the store wasn’t knowledgeable in the product. I explained how I gained the experience doing make-up and the owner asked me to come back the following weekend to do make-up in the store for those that planned to go out that night. Since then I’ve worked in the store as a sales employee.

I was unsure of how I kept collecting jobs so I asked Director of Academic Support Services Henry Conover; how does one land a job in addition to a résumé?

“An element of work ethic on the persons part in searching for a job. Are you utilizing all the available means to find a job? Are you using social media? Are you putting your face out there by using Facebook and Twitter?” said Conover

Social media is a constant way to stay connected, but also a way for you to find employers or other opportunities that you might be looking for. Knowing how to use social media to benefit you helps with reaching out to find that ‘perfect’ job.

“A lot of times we under utilize the power of ‘it is who you know’,” said Conover.

Remember that friend of a friend that had the job opportunity? Follow through with the people you know, they might have a job in mind for you or even know of an opening. I keep in contact with a Theatre Director incase I ever find myself in the area and need a job.

The people you know and have made connections with arethere to help you, just reach out to them.

“Whatever you’re given, do your very best at it because you never know,” said Conover.

The latest job that I landed, I was recommended for by one of my current bosses. I was completely flattered and surprised to know that the hard work I put in at his work place was enough for him to suggest another job. I followed through and am now selling original artwork.

If you have no idea where to even start see Conover for ideas. Start here at the school with staff and faculty that are open and willing to help students.

Working on campus is a way to get started, gaining a strong work ethic. From there you take that experience and go actively searching for other jobs.

Originaly published in the SNC Eagle’s Eye.


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