A Tahoe Summer

Lake Tahoe is a stunningly beautiful place no matter what season it is there is always something to love.

This will be my third full summer in Tahoe and it will never get old. I moved up to Tahoe the summer of 2010 just before Labor Day and as I started at Sierra Nevada College I heard stories of how amazing hanging on the lake was.


I had been up and visited every summer for a week or two when I was growing up, but whenever we had to leave I didn’t want to go. Tahoe always left a feeling of wanting more with me. I’m not sure I could ever get tired of watching the first snowfall signifying winter or the warm sun and ice cold lake water on the first day of beach season or summer.

The lake isn’t the only advantage that Tahoe has. The weather is absolutely amazing, never too hot in the summer, which makes hiking or biking around pleasant. The relaxed summer vibe lets me unwind completely after a roughly 10 months of school work.


As I count down the days to when I don’t have worry about getting an assignment done, I look out the window and see a beautiful blue ski and sunshine everywhere. I want nothing more than to be next to lake, nose in a book and soaking up the sunshine. Five more days of classes left, three days of finals and then my summer begins!


2 thoughts on “A Tahoe Summer

  1. So beautiful. I’ve never really been to a lake. Only to beaches for the most part. I wish there are some in this country that I am living in. If there are some, then I need to explore the place… Anyways, have a great summer. 🙂


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