I never walked …

I never walked to school when I was younger. I had friends that walked, but I always had either a parent take me home or a friend of mine. Now that I’m in college and living off campus, I am walking everyday. Doesn’t matter the weather: sunshine, rain, even snow! I find that I really enjoy my walks to school and back home.

It may only be a mile or so each way, but I get the chance to just think. Think about anything. I think about lots of things like what happened during the day, what I have to get done, what I want to make for dinner. It’s the little bit of time I have solely to myself. I’ve come to rely on it, walking is no longer a ‘burden’ or ‘hardship’, but rather a way to relax after a busy day at school.

Occasionally I’ll get a ride with a friend. If I’m not super slammed with school work or have spent all day at school, then it’s a nice treat, especially if I’m really tired. However, if I’ve been surrounded by people all day, then I can’t seem to wait to walk home. The cool fresh air of Tahoe is refreshing and is able to clear my mind. Occasionally, I make decisions on my walk home because I don’t feel pressured by anyone. For a few minutes I am by myself with no one else.

My favorite time to walk is when there is a full moon out. There are no street lights in Tahoe, so it can get pretty dark. When the moon is out there is no need for light because it is so brilliantly bright. An isolated mountain town has it limitations, but it can open your eyes to a whole other world that may have passed you by until you take them time to stop and watch.


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