How to-do it All

I’m the type of person that completes tasks or assignments when I say I will. What continues to baffle me is why others either can’t or have an array of excuses for why they couldn’t.

I’ve been asked recently, “how do you do it all, literally it all.” I have 3 jobs that all are time consuming. I’m taking 15 credits, when I only need 13 to graduate. I am also the News Editor of the school paper and the Student Government Association President.

Well my to do list is infinite. I add to it as things come up, but it’s right next to me every time I’m working. That’s step one.

1. Make a to-do list: Digital or hand-written. I think of it like a contract. Once I write it down I will do it. I don’t do digital to-do lists because there isn’t the status faction of crossing an item off and I never remember to open it. You could always print it out, but I’ll stick to the old fashioned way.

2. Time Management: I use my phone to keep track of my schedules. I can’t agree to anything without checking it first. It seems annoying and plays into the stereotype of Generation Y. I’m using my phone as tool to help me stay on top of my shit.

3. Social Life: Having a great social life is difficult with a hectic schedule, but it can be done. Sometimes it means having to put it in my schedule if I’m not on top of the work I have to do.

4. Internet Distractions: I work on a computer for almost everything I do. So how do I resist the temptation not to log into Facebook. I give into those temptations, but I don’t stay on long. I check see if anything is new (usually nothing) and then I log off.

5. Personal ‘You’ Time: This is different than social time. I set aside time for myself for anything I want to do. Read books, writing, binge watching TV shows.

6. Beating Procrastination: With the internet it is incredibly easy to get distracted and deadlines that are set far out creep up without a sound. Every time I get a project that isn’t due for a week I put it off, I can’t help but delaying. Recently though, this hasn’t been an option because I have a limited amount of time to get everything done. I stay at school late and go in early because I’m more like to work and get what I need to get done actually done. Find a place you can work and make the time, you’ll beat the procrastination.

7. Set Goals: Setting goals is easy, keeping to them is hard especially when they aren’t realistic. On top of class or work, social and personal time you have to figure out how much time you can give to work. Because I have classes I have to budget my time around them. From the time I wake up to the time I go back to bed I use every minute to the fullest. This busy schedule isn’t for everyone and I don’t recommend doing this unless you’re okay with a small social and personal life.

8. Defeating Discouragement: It’s easy to become discouraged when overwhelmed with work. I don’t think right now, a month before I graduate, I go very long with out getting discourage with the lack of time. Take a deep breathe, it will be okay and as long as you believe in yourself you can do anything. As corny as that sounds.

I do my best to stick to these things and when I do it works. Good Luck!


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