Multimedia Journalism

I spend entirely too much time on my computer and yet, I’m not too upset. There is always more to learn about social media and I enjoy it. The drawbacks and mistakes of others help me to not make those mistakes and learn the right ways to use social media.

I love to tell stories, but sometimes words can’t fully capture everything. My last story for the Eagle’s Eye required me to tell the story with all of the tools I learned about. I couldn’t just write a story about Incline Village and hope to capture the town and the school. Incorporating video, audio, photos, maps and slideshow help show the town I live in and the college I go to. The whole multimedia story can be found here.

I will continue to use the skills I practiced in this class, I should have them down by now. I plan to make more videos and update my blog more with anything I feel fits. I will continue to write for the Eagle’s Eye and hopefully tell stories in more creative ways.

This particular semester in Multimedia Journalism taught me a lot about how to be an Online Editor and dealing with all of the responsibility that comes with it. There are definitely things that I will do differently because it didn’t work out and I will encourage new reporters to think about their stories being more than just words on a paper.


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