Ira Glass on Storytelling

Ira Glass on Storytelling was interesting because I had heard some of the tips before from previous instructors.

His points on the two basic building blocks are great because without the basics your story will fall apart. Grabbing the audience’s attention in the first few seconds is key to keep them for the rest of your story. Offering an anecdotal lede that builds suspense will keep the audience interested till they find out the why.

Just like the example he used in the first video.  Glass begins to tell what he says is the most boring story, but he adds that the house this man is in is unearthly quiet and keeps that theme up to increase the suspense making you want to know why the house is so quiet.

Stories don’t have to be insanely long and pack full of information to be interesting. Sometimes the small short stories that are told in an interesting way are better at capturing an audience.

However, the person that is talking needs to be able to tell an interesting story when a mic is placed in front of them. Always pre-interview before going out and getting audio that is hard to work with.

Glass says that they come up with lots of story ideas and most don’t pan out because the story isn’t as interesting as it was thought to be or the person isn’t good at telling a story.

There’s a lot to think about before and after when trying to capture a story in a different way. If the prep work is done properly then the project is more likely to come out better.

One thing that Glass said that I know is true is that it takes a while to get good at storytelling. Each time I go out to do audio I get better at capturing it. I get better at asking questions. I accept that sometimes by angle of story is going to change in the middle of the interview simply because they said something that was more interesting to them and you could hear the emotion change in their voice.

I think this would be best used to capture moments of time that are interesting or people that have interesting stories.

Below are the links to the youtube videos.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


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