Bring Ya Lunch: Opening features interactive art by Brett Varga

An interdisciplinary artist using three-dimensional pieces, two-dimensional pieces, performance pieces and digital integration will land in the Sierra Nevada College Tahoe Gallery.

Senior Brett Varga presents “Bring Ya Lunch SNC” as his BFA show at 5 p.m. Thursday Feb. 28, on the third floor of Prim Library.

bring ya lunch

“Instead of focusing on ceramics, painting or digital art,” said Brett Varga, “I use certain aspects of my skill set and encompass them all together to reach my vision.”

During the show the audience will finish the pieces that will be displayed. Varga started Bring Ya Lunch, a T-shirt company, about two years ago. The website features the clothing available and those in action wearing the clothing, as
well as other artists.

bring ya lunch

“[Bring Ya Lunch] means living out your dreams and pursuing them, then hopefully achieving them,” said Varga.
One of the interesting ways Varga practices art is called “live art.”

“Say if you’re at bar or a concert and there’s a band playing, I’d be painting a piece alongside them, inspired by the music,” said Varga

At another BFA show that Varga attended, Fine Art Professor Russell Dudley spoke to the audience after the artist’s talk and asked them to go back into the gallery and see if the art looks different.

“I took that literally,” said Varga, “What if you were in a gallery space and when you first go in there it’s not really complete, and through the audience being there and interacting with the pieces, they finish the pieces effortlessly.”

bring ya lunch

Speaking to Varga can change your mind about his art, said Senior Trevor Jackson.

“I’ve seen Brett’s art develop. It’s very unique stylistically and intellectually,” said Jackson.

Chris Lanier, associate professor of Digital Arts, says that Varga is filled with lots of energy, enthusiasm and is a constant one-man show.

Lanier says it’s a challenge “getting his personality into his work.”

Varga is a serious artist that has a unique way of connecting with the audience through his show.

“I make art that pokes fun at the seriousness of art,” said Varga.

bring ya lunch

*Originally published in Eagle’s Eye.


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