Valentine’s Day isn’t so bad

Making Valentine’s Day less corny is possible, but would you remember the holiday if it wasn’t?

I plan on going out to dinner with my boyfriend and enjoying a nice romantic night. I’m sure there will be some corny element that will happen but not knowing is the best part. I do plan on having fun with someone I truly care about.

Accept the corniness and role with it. There is nothing wrong with being overly romantic and showing how much you care about another person. You can be romantic any day of the year, but sometimes it’s nice to have one day to show your affection publicly.

For those that are single, don’t be down on yourself. Treat yourself, you deserve to be happy no matter what. Over thinking this holiday only creates cynics. Make yourself happy and good things come your way. Being single isn’t a bad thing, it’s a time to figure yourself out and really learn who you want to be. Before I met my boyfriend, I had been single for quiet awhile and learned a lot about what I wanted out of life. This has made my relationship much stronger than past ones.

I truly believe in ‘when you’re not looking for love that’s when you find it.” Be ready to explore and take some risks.


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