SNC partners with Middlebury for summer program

This summer Sierra Nevada College is hosting for the first time, Middlebury MiddCORE, an intense month long program for students interested in building leadership and communication skills and developing an entrepreneurial mindset.Middlebury

From June 17 to July 12 Middlebury MiddCORE will immerse itself into SNC. The deadline to apply is March 15 and if space is still available May 15 is another deadline. Students are encouraged to apply sooner.

The cost of the program is $9500, which includes tuition, room and board. SNC students are offered 15 percent off and nine credits, in addition to a certificate of completion.

“SNC is partnering with Middlebury to bring this program to Lake Tahoe. It’s the first time Middlebury has ever offered the program for non-Middlebury students,” said Shannon Beets, vice president and provost. “They’re actually inviting students to participate from all over the country.”

Originally Middlebury was interested in renting the campus because it wanted to come to the Tahoe area, however members of the SNC board of trustees have connection with the board of trustees at Middlebury and collaborated on a partnership, said Beets.

According to the Middlebury MiddCORE website the program is designed for students to work in small groups to create, collaborate and lead through formal and informal interactions with dynamic, engaging and successful mentors. The groups will learn to take calculated risks, be more resourceful, identify opportunities and deal with ambiguity.

In addition to the mentors already involved in the program, SNC will be contributing local mentors.

“They will bring some of their experts that they work with in the past from Middlebury and we’ll bring our experts and it will be this melding of community excellence,” said Beets.

There will be four groups of 15 individuals working together to complete challenges throughout the course.

“They try to build diverse groups. They try to pick people with all different backgrounds from all different places,” said Beets.

During the month students will work 40 hours a week on challenges, projects and other hands on activities.

“There are two main deliverables from the program,” said Beets. “The first one is a challenge that they [the students] all share as a group. That challenge is different every time MiddCORE is run. The second deliverable is an individual challenge. Called the innovation challenge, where the student develops an idea for a new product, a new method of delivery or a new service then gives a three minute pitch to a panel of judges.”

Middlebury MiddCORE is excellent at active learning and is a great opportunity for SNC students, said Beets.

*Originally published in Eagle’s Eye.


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