Traveling through Europe for a Ceramic Conference

Art Department Chair Sheri Leigh O’Connor had a blast visiting parts of Europe and traveling to Denmark to give a presentation on glazing ceramic at the University Nordjylland of Hjorring, Denmark ceramic conference.

O’Connor has been at Sierra Nevada College since 1997. At the conference she presented her glaze kitchen, where she related mixing glazes to baking. Recently she was published in the fall edition of “Clay Times” magazine on this topic.

Arriving Sept. 16, O’Connor visited London first on her journey through Europe.

O’Connor said she, visited the National Gallery, Tate Modern Museum, West Minster Abby, the London Eye, and the Tower of London.

She arrived in Denmark on Sept. 19 and continued to Germany Sept. 24. O’Connor traveled with Paulie Beech, editor and owner of “Clay Times” magazine, and Catherina Orrantia, presenter at the conference.

“It was my first trip to Germany,” said O’Connor. “We went to the Modern Art Museum.” The architecture of the surrounding buildings was beautiful, said O’Connor.

“America is so young compared to Europe,” said O’Connor.

Beech, one of O’Connor’s travel companions, hadn’t been to Paris. A day trip was arranged and the two drove from Frankfurt to Paris, a six-hour drive.

At the Louvre in Paris, O’Connor saw the Mona Lisa, and many other Italian Renaissance paintings, as well as Neoclassical and Romanticism paintings.

“The architecture is amazing,” said O’Connor. “The whole complex is wowie zowie.”

O’Connor tried to cram in as much as she could while in Europe from both the museums and the conference.

“I didn’t want to go all the way to Europe just for a weekend conference,” said O’Connor. “I wanted to travel.

Highlights of the ceramic conference

• Met many different ceramists

• Most captivating presentation: Marketing ceramics on the web by Ayumi Hoari.

• 3rd year the conference has taken place

*Originally published in Eagle’s Eye.


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