Holman Center may open soon

The Art Department is abuzz with excitement over the new Holman Arts and Media Center.

Everything will be new and fresh when the Holman building opens for summer workshops.

“We’ll move everything we currently have over there as far as mediums and studios,” said Art Department Chair Sheri Leigh O’Connor. “We’re adding an audio recording studio and a video recording studio.”

The space will be active with current students, faculty, graduates and community members that wish to practice their art and share ideas.

“The dirty arts [ceramics and sculpture] will go on the ground floor,” said O’Connor. “And the two dimensional and digital arts on the second floor.”

The new studio space will allow artists to expand their practices and combine different mediums.

“The Holman building is focused on being a place where the art faculty can practice art, can teach art, and can engage the community in arts,” said Vice President and Provost Shannon Beets.

In addition to new studio space, the Holman Center will have space for a community gallery, a shop for community and students to sell their artwork, and a hub.

“A hub is a gathering point for a variety of mediums,” said O’Connor.

The hub will function as a place for collaborations among artists, a hangout to exchange ideas.

“Graduates will be able to use the space to further their artwork,” said Beets. “They’ll be able to sell their work in the store, work with faculty and new students to gain new ideas.”

The process has already started to get the second floor of the building ready to open as soon as January.

“That’s the goal, if that’s doable,” said Associate Vice President for Development Deborah Prout. “If it’s not possible then everything will open at once in the sum- mer.”

The Holman Center is a space that will allow larger art classes, more community programs, not just summer art workshops, said Beets.

“You always want to come study art in a space you’re comfortable in,” said Beets.

Robyn Holman is a new member on the board of trustees for the school and both she and husband, Robert, plan to stay involved with the arts and media at SNC, according to Prout.

*Originally published in Eagle’s Eye.


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