Sierra Nevada College Hosts Talent Show

The dinner crowd still lingered as microphones and speakers were set up for the first talent show of the semester on Sept. 26.

Resident assistants Coli Haack and Morgan Burke, the hosts, ask for last minute entries before getting the night underway.

The first performer of the night was Freshman Kayla Meltzer, who played her green electric guitar and sang a mash of several songs making for one comical performance.

With the nervousness breaking after the first performance, the rest of the night was full of laughter and applause.

The crowd was small but supportive of all the performers that shared their talent.

Others that performed throughout the night were Freshmen Max Haurahan, Josh Patten, Marco Gooding, Ariel Ehara, Kat Fulwider,

Freshman Kat Fulwider performs a small piano piece

Rachael Cote, Johnathan Oneto, Sophomores Spencer Fisch, and Emily Provencher, Junior Henry Rivera, and Seniors Savannah Hoover, Inaki Martinez, and Maggie Newman.

Ehara performed a stunning Hawaiian Hula dance and Rivera rapped a song he wrote.

After Hoover performed, the mic was open to anyone in the crowd that wanted to join in on the fun.

Many of the students that performed expressed that they wanted to have more talent shows in the future.

Plans are in the works for another talent show in November, according to Burke.

Freshman Ariel Ehara dances a beautiful Hawaiian Hula
*Originally published in Eagle’s Eye.

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