Holman Arts and Media Center, the future home of arts at SNC

A new banner now hangs on the building next to Life Point Church with Sierra Nevada College’s name.

The building that is just off of Highway 28 is donned with a banner that reads “Future Home of Holman Arts and Media Center.”

Purchase of the building was made final on Sept. 26.

Holman Arts and Media Center
The banner that hangs on the new addition to
Sierra Nevada College

The building offers about 9,800 square feet of new space for art and media, according to Associate Vice President for Development Deborah Prout.

There is still a long regulatory process that the school must go through before being able to open, which will take much of this year, according to Prout.

Robert and Robin Holman, whose gift to the SNC provided for the acquisition of the building, are local Incline Village residents who love the arts.

Department of Fine Arts Chair Sheri Leigh O’Connor expressed her excitement over the new addition to the school.

“Holman Arts and Media Center is a new and exciting improvement over David Hall II, giving students the opportunity to spread out and expand on the their art practices,” said O’Connor.

This expansion of the art building will hopefully be open in June for the summer art workshops, but definitely by the fall of 2013, according to Prout.

“A dream come true,” said O’Connor.

O’Connor is excited and extremely thankful for the future of the arts at SNC.

“I am extremely thankful for the generosity and support of the arts at SNC,” said O’Connor.

*Originally published in Eagle’s Eye.


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