Enrollment increases by six students

Sierra Nevada College is a small private school, which is slowly growing in enrollment.

Enrollment increasing

SNC has 536 students this year, six more students than last year. Vice President and Provost, Shannon Beets said she is excited to be back to see all of the new and returning faces on campus.

“Of all the students eligible to return, 90 percent did,” said Beets, “and 79 percent of freshman returned.”

Small class sizes help create a more active learning, but some classes are too small to allow to continue.

“A few classes get cut every year there are some exceptions made if a class is required for a major,” said Beets, “eight students is the minimum to let a class run.”

“The three most popular majors are Interdisciplinary Studies, Ski and Resort Management and Psychology,” said Beets.

As schools around the country began their academic year, the SNC admission team began its recruiting.

“Face-to-face recruiting works the best,” said Beets. “The admission team is starting to travel to schools all over the country.”

A 2012 National Survey of Student Engagement resulted in SNC students scoring slightly above top schools in active and collaborative learning. Freshman take the survey at the beginning and again at the end of the academic year. Students take the survey again at the end of their senior year.

Beets said that SNC has more opportunities for active learning than schools in the top 10 percent of NSSE.

*Originally published in Eagle’s Eye.


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